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Floor Plans surveyed using a hand held PC linked via bluetooth to a laser distance measuring device and a robotic total station. The floor plans are produced in real time on site. This ensures fast data capture and accurate plans.

2 types of survey are possible. Fully connected, the most accurate survey. Used where a major redesign is planned including structural alterations. All parts of the building are connected accurately on all floors. Semi connected, for refurbishment without structural alterations. The ground floor is surveyed accurately with other floor being assumed to be vertically aligned with major features.

Elevations are surveyed using non-contact methods combined with traditional measuring techniques to produce highly detailed drawings.

Roof Plans are surveyed by combining total station survey with non-contact methods for visible but inaccessible areas. 

Sections can be produced by combining floor plans, roof plans and elevations or as a stand alone survey.

Measured building surveys are available on domestic & commercial buildings.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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